Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Revival SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES and The Glory of God! Holy Spirit Revival and miracles in Rosario, Argentina

screen capture from youtube.com/andresabm

The Holy Spirit is moving mightily in Rosario, Argentina. Andres Bisonni recounts the words of Jesus as he reminds us that the Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside each of us. Speaking about Jesus Christ, Bisonni shares, “I will not only be with twelve people, I will be inside every one of my sons and every one of my daughters through My Spirit”.  Filled with trembling, tears, and laughter, scores and scores of people are consumed with the desperate hunger to have more of God and encounter The Holy Spirit.

After a woman suffered cervical problems from an accident, she was completely healed through the Holy Spirit. The Kingdom of God is encountering the kingdom of darkness and darkness is fleeing. Bisonni asks one man, “You made a covenant with the devil?” He replies, “A blood covenant.” But, the man continues to share how the Holy Spirit encountered him. “I was burning all over and I felt so free…” With tears in his eyes he continues, “He just embraces you and makes you feel so loved.” Deaf ears are opening. Blind eyes are seeing. “In Rosario, Argentina, Jesus Christ is Lord!"

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