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WATCH! Leonard Ravenhill; In Light of Eternity, Modern Day Prophet; Living as a Global Christian; PURE EXPRESSION OF THE CHURCH: FAMILY

Leonard Ravenhill; In Light of Eternity, Modern Day Prophet

Leonard Ravenhill was a great man of God and wrote the book In Light of Eternity, The Life of Leonard Ravenhill. He carries on his legacy with what he has written on his tombstone, ‘Is what your living for worth Christ dying for?’ Every time someone passes his tombstone he is still ministering to people. The impact of Ravenhill’s life is awesome; he was very serious about repentance, holiness, and revival.  An excerpt from Leonard Ravenhill’s book gives a brief account of his early days: “…a band of young men full of faith and the Holy Ghost, to preach Christ to the multitudes unreached and unsought by the Churches. They will receive no salary. They will go as they are led, and they will live by faith. No collections will be taken, no subscriptions solicited, no favors begged. But they will tramp from place to place –preaching- testifying and singing in streets; market place; village green and pleasure-beach; depending upon God for everything, and sleeping wherever a shelter can be found.”
You can watch or listen to this segment to hear more. We want to hear from you! Also shared in this segment: Samuel Chadwick, economic downturn, moral decay, religion, Charles Stanley, Atlanta, prodigals, and love. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

Living as a Global Christian

We don’t want to miss what God is doing in the world. As American Christians, it seems we have become very self-focused. Jesus says, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” In America, we are very blessed, and we must be careful not to make the blessing our God. As a global Christian, we need to look at what is going on in the Church family around the world. Also looking at those who are lost around the world and to reach the nations for the Lord. A way to do this is to think about the items that we purchase. We can get many inexpensive products in America, but do you know who made it? Many people are enslaved in other countries making food, clothes, etc., for Americans but they are treated terribly, and if they are paid it may be barely anything at all. Even in America, this happens. You can find out more on The Torch and learn from a biblical perspective regarding how to be a global Christian. We want to hear from you and how you are a global Christian. Also shared in this segment: Francis Chan, Global Citizen, China, India, Apple, iPhone. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.



When you look at the Church in America, the first thing you may hear is that they need to get it incorporated or that you need thousands or even millions of dollars to start a Church. This sounds much like an enterprise. According to George Barna, the American Church is paying 1.3 million dollars per baptized believer. It doesn’t sound much better than the government. Rick Joyner shares about a shift in the Church and how the pure expression of it is family. Father God gave His Son Jesus Christ, on behalf of His creation so that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become sons and daughters of God, family! How do we get back to family? One way to do this is to relate to God as our Father. Jesus shares how we can talk to His Father in Matthew 6:9-10, “‘Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Another way to express the purity of the Church is to treat each other like family within your Church. Family is made up of brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers. Also, we need to get rid of everything in the Church family that is not pure. When you do this then what you have is your authentic relationship with God, which is not your religion, and this is when the true Church arises. At VFNKB we offer an abiding plan at iAbide and if you need help with how to develop your relationship with the Father you can download the plan and start abiding today. We want to hear from you and what you think about this discussion. Also shared in this segment: China, Nations, Morning Star Ministries, Boards. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.
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